Network Monitoring

Our network is monitored 24/7 by InterMapper software. When it detects a problem on the network it immediately sends out a message about the problem.

Intermapper has many built in probes for monitoring different types of equipment. For the most part, the included probes work for many devices. It also has the ability to import custom written probes for more specialized applications. Stratolinks has developed some custom probes for some of the equipment we monitor, and we have modified some existing probes to monitor more than they did when someone else initially wrote them. These probes can tell us when a link is not operating within set parameters. They can also tell us that the power is out at a certain site and it running on batteries with additional warnings at preset levels as the batteries are being discharged.

We have developed custom probes to monitor; BridgeWave AR60 and AR80 links, SAF Lumina and SAF CFIP108 radios (which includes the LigoWave LigoPTP24). These probes provide may chartable values to track the performace of the links over time.

For monitoring power and battery levels, we have written a custom probe for the new X-320 module from ControlByWeb. For sites that have dual redundant power supplies, the probe can let us know if either the primary or secondary AC power supply has failed, if incoming AC Power has failed, and how much battery power is remaining. For sites that have only one power supply, the probe can tell us that the AC power or power supply has failed as well as how much battery power remains. These probes also allow charting of many values over time for record keeping.

You can modify these probes further to suit your needs, but please give credit for my work. Also please email me a copy of the probe with a description of your changes to intermapper at Stratolinks dot com.

Sample Status screens as well as download links:

Bridgewave AR60 Web Status: Bridgewave Probe

SAF Lumina Web Status: SAF Probe

Control ByWeb X-320 2 PSU Web Status: X-320 Probes