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Please contact your internet provider if you are having problems with your connection.

ISP Canada - ISP Canada is located at the corner of Wharncliffe Rd and Oxford Street in London.
Telephone number is: 519-660-6160
They also operate TechAlley, a retail store that sells computers, accessories, routers, and they repair computers, tablets, and phones as well. Please check their web site for full contact information.

TechAlley Computers TechAlley Computers - is the retail store of ISP Canada.
Telephone number is: 519-660-6160
Computers, gaming supplies, accessories, cables, routers, 3-D Printing, and much more. They also repair computers, laptops, tablets, and phones as well. Come in and talk to us about ways to improve your home WiFi coverage before you buy a new router. When you buy a router here and we will program it for you ready to take home and just plug in.