Coverage Maps

Have an look at our Google interactive coverage map:
Google Maps
Adelaide : (Ron Peters Farm, Egremont Dr. East of School Rd.)
Beechwood : (Beechwood Agri Services, Petty St. South of Poplar Hill Rd.)
Bowood : (VanDeuren Farm, Nairn Rd between Argyle and Fernhill.)
Brinsley : (Allan Amos Farm, silo North of McGillivray Dr near corner of Brinsley Rd.)
Bryanston : (Foster Farm, 12 Mile Rd. West of Highbury)
Carlisle : (Rob Cornelis Farm, Argyle St. Between King St. and Gale Rd.)
Clandeboye : (Lynn Cattle, Neal Rd. South of Clandeboye Dr.)
Clearview Grain : (Greg Walls Farm 14 Mile at HydePark Rd)
Coldstream : (Bycraft farm, Coldstream Rd. West of Hedley Dr.)
Denfield : (New Life Mills, Denfield Rd South of Elginfield Dr.)
Eight Mile : (Robson Farms, Eight Mile Rd. Between Denfield Rd. and Vanneck)
Godts Farms : (Godts Farms, Fort Rose Rd and New Ontario Rd)
Greenway : (Hensall Co-op Greenway, Greenway Dr. East of Hutchinson Rd.)
Ilderton : (Robson Farms, Ilderton Rd. West of Denfield Rd.)
Keyser : (Hodgins Farm at south end of Hodgins Rd.)
Lieury : (Denys Farm, McGillivray Dr. East of Godkin Rd.)
Moray : (Steeper Farm, McGillivray Dr. West of Cedar Swamp Rd.)
Mt.Carmel : (VanOsch Farms, Creamery Rd. South of Adare Dr.)
Nine Mile Rd : (Loft Farm, 9 Mile Rd. West of Hyde Park Rd.)
Parkhill : (Beechwood Agri Services, King St. Parkhill)
Sylvan : (William Peters Farm, Sylvan Rd. North of Elginfield Dr.)

NOTE: To get access you must be able to achieve radio line of sight to the access point location from your location. If you have a TV tower this will give you a better chance. If you are in the coverage area but are not sure you can see the access point, contact the internet provider for your area for pricing. If you decide that you want the service we will come out to determine if the service is avalable to you and install the equipment if it is.

This list will continue to grow as we add additional sites to the system.

If you are nearby, but not currently within our coverage area and would like this service feel free to contact us. If you know of a suitable location to place one of our access points to provide service into your area this could also be helpful. We are continually looking for locations to expand our coverage area.